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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Disney vs. SunCal & Anaheim

For anybody that follows Disney that isn't familiar with this issue. SunCal is proposing building condos on a site that is currently occupied by trailer homes. The property is across the street from property that is owned by Disney and rumored to be the future home of a third theme park for the Disneyland Resort. Disney is opposed to this new construction because they would like to see the space reserved for a hotel in the future. The condominium development would have 1275 units and 225 low cost apartments.

The Anaheim City Council voted in favor of the condominium project. Disney and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce are backing a group called Save Our Anaheim Resort Area. Save Our Anaheim Resort Area collected enough signatures to force a vote by the city to see if they would prefer the condo's or whatever Disney would prefer done with the project.

I think that Disney is wasting time and money, both theirs and the city's. I have seen estimates that if they hold a special election it could cost the city $500,000. Unless they have firm plans for a third gate and they know that they are going to draw additional tourists to the area they should leave the SunCal Project alone. Anaheim does not need additional hotel space right now. The Cast Members that do not get paid as much as a Costco employee could use some lower income apartments in the area. I think that Anaheim should do whatever they can to improve their city. The resort area looks very nice. Once you stray away a little it can go downhill fast. I also do not think that a corporation should have this much influence on the local government.

Tonight Anaheim decides how to handle the Disney referendum and I hope that they can just reach a compromise and save the taxpayers some money. If you wonder why I care about the tax dollars in Anaheim it is simple. I spend a lot of money down there year after year. I stay in hotels, eat in their restaurants, and spend more than I should at Disneyland. I pay taxes there. I just don't get to vote.

It may not look like it from this entry but I love Disney. I am not so blind as to think they are infallible though.

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Update 8/1
The City Council has delayed the vote on the initiative for another three weeks. 30 minutes before this was supposed to come to a vote SunCal asked for the extension so they could continue their talks with Disney.

Will the Disney Company please stop the madness. It is time for this to end. The condos and apartments are for the good of the city right now.

Here is the link to the update in the LA Times


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I have been looking for a way to put out my opinion on a number of Disney topics and feel that this could be a fun way.

I should introduce myself. My name is Chris and I live in South Jordan, UT, with my wife and two kids. Since my wife and I met we have been on numerous trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. After our fist child was born we took a break for a year. Then in July of 2005 we decided it was time to visit Disneyland again and we went down on July 13th to spend the week down there and be at Disneyland on July 17th for the 50th Anniversary. We were rewarded for taking our year old son to Disneyland for the first time by having our car stolen from our hotel parking lot.

Eventually, with months of counseling and our car being returned to us, we got over this traumatic event. We went again in April 2006 and got hooked again for good. In June 2006 we bought Premium Annual Passes to Disneyland so we could go whenever we wanted. We have been seven times since we bought the passes and we are planning to head down there in about two weeks again. This will be a first for us. We are taking our two month old son with us. Our two year old might be just tall enough to ride the mountains so we can do the baby swap. We are also planning a trip to Walt Disney World next year.

I was raised in a Disney family and my wife is a convert. I look forward to any news or rumors on Disney Theme Parks and Disney/Pixar animation. I hope that people will find this space informative and fun. On with the blog.