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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is there a better nightcap?

Would you go to Disneyland if there were no fireworks? I would. That fact makes fireworks that much more special to me.

People will save a place hours ahead of time to try and be right in front of the castle. Admit it. You stop whatever you are doing and watch. If you are at your hotel and you hear the boom you go outside to look.

In my opinion there could not be a better thank you from Disney to the park guests. They already have you there. You turned over your money and you spent your day racing from ride to ride. There is no need to give you more. Unless you are Disney. It is just one of the many reasons that Disney is at a different level than all other theme parks.

To Disney I say thank you.


gabrielle said...

cooooooooool!! did you take that pic? it is amazing.

Chris said...

I did not. I was very impressed by it while looking through Flickr. If you click on the picture it will take you to photos by the photographer.

gabrielle said...

wooonderful!! thanks for the tip, i just went and checked out a buncha those pics. they are beautimous!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to make a photobook of a Disney trip we took earlier this year. Would you mind if I used a couple of pictures from your blog?

Ties said...

I love not only this pic but all the photos you have on your blog. This post also makes me (us) even more exited about going on our first visit to Disneyland.

I did some research on affordable hotels near the Disneyland park itself. Might be useful for others too:

kasandria said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! I am a fellow Disney fanatic. :)

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Glenn said...

I agree Chris Nobody does it like the folks at Disneyland. I can tell you that I have stood there watching the fireworks many times, and each time I get a little choked up thinking what a wonderful a gift Disney just gave me. And all I had to do was watch. I love Disneyland.