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Saturday, August 11, 2007

As the Subs Turn

Today was my first day at Disneyland since May 2. I haven't seen Pirates Lair yet and I had not seen Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. I have been looking forward to the subs since I knew that they were being brought back. When I was younger I used to look forward to that ride more than any other and at one time I thought you really were diving under water. The Submarine Voyage may not have been futuristic but they fit Tomorrowland like a glove.

While I waited in the queue today I watched the subs circle the lagoon and really got a kick out of the seagulls on the buoy. We moved our way up closer and closer to the front of the line and we were getting more and more excited. Finally it was our turn to be boarded. I made my way down the spiral staircase for the first time in 10 years. I sat down in the seat that used to feel a lot bigger. Then we waited. Finally we pulled out into the lagoon and I remembered why I loved the attraction so many years ago. It was just fun to be able to feel like you were in a submarine below the surface.

Then we entered the show building. I wasn't disappointed but it sure didn't live up to my expectations. The animations were exceptional. The effects did leave quite a bit to be desired. I would have thought there would have been more for the kind of money that you hear went into this.

In a perfect world there would have been a better blend of the animated effects and the physical props. When the angler fish attacks them it would have been much more impressive if it would have moved. No wonder the two little fish can get away. He just sits there and sits there and sits there. I can only wish that the jellyfish in the ocean were engineered by Disney. If they all had poles coming out of the top of them then we would probably see them before they stung us and I wouldn't have had to endure the ridiculous questions that I did when I was stung by a jellyfish (i.e. Did you have somebody pee on you? NO!).

It also could be made a little more clear that a whale is swallowing you. I knew it was happening but it wasn't very easy to follow. I know that my son didn't catch that particular point in the story and he would be in the target audience.

I am happy that the subs are back and I love to the kinetic energy that having them run again brings to Tomorrowland. I will visit them again when the line dies back down to a reasonable amount of time too. I was just left wanting more. Here is hoping that Tony Baxter, Bob Weiss, and all the Imagineers responsible for Disneyland Resort will really be able to go full force into their upcoming projects.

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