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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top 4: Eateries of Disneyland Resort

This is a little bit of a cop out I know, but here are my top four restaurants at Disneyland Resort.

Number 4 - Redd Rocket's Pizza Port - Even during peak times you can quickly get in and out with your food. There are lots of tables and they turn over fast so seating isn't an issue here either. They serve pizza, pasta, and salads. All three are very good. Their pizza slices are quite large and better than your average theme park serves. My personal favorite is the Count Down Chicken Fusilli with a garlic and Parmesan cheese sauce.

Number 3 - Wine Country Trattoria - Full service restaurants are few and far between at the Disneyland Resort. The Trattoria is located along the performance corridor in Disney's California Adventure and has a prime viewing spot for parades. During the day you can sit on their patio and just people watch. The Pizzeta salad, Meatball sandwich, and Chicken panini are all family favorites here. The lasagna is very good but the pieces are so small they are not worth the price.

Number 2 - Goofy's Kitchen - You knew there would be at least one character meal on the list, right? Goofy's is a fun interactive environment for kids. They invite children down to bang on pots and pans and dance every half hour or so. The food is good but not great. It is a great place to have a wide variety of characters visit your table. Plus, they have Peanut Butter & Jelly pizza for breakfast.

Number 1 - Cafe Orleans - This wouldn't have been a top 10 a year ago. I have been very impressed with the remodel. Since this is now the second home of the Monte Cristo and outdoor seating it has become a must visit on almost every trip. Their pommes frites are the best fries in the Disneyland Resort. I love the beignets too. It might just be because they are shaped like Mickey heads.

Short and sweet. Post a comment with your favorites. It is great to hear what other think.


Davelandweb said...

A Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou...there is nothing else like it! The night before the race I'll be loading up on carbs at the Trattoria (this will be my first visit there, so am looking forward to it). And, although it's pricey, I do love Napa Rose, which is a true dining experience.

Chris - any chance you'll be taking pics or watching the half marathon? If so, email me at

James said...

Pacific Wharf Cafe in DCA is one of our favorites. The bread bowls there rock.

gold coast theme parks said...

In cafe Cafe Orleans the food and service was great! We ordered the fries, french onion soup and shared the Salmon Salad. We couldn't pass up on the Mickey Mouse shaped beignets! Everything was great!