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Monday, August 6, 2007

Podcast Review - Window to the Magic

I am a huge fan of podcasts, especially Disney podcasts. I listen to many of them and I choose to avoid a few. From time to time I'll be giving my opinion and review of a Disney podcast.

For my first review I am going to be discussing Paul Barrie's Window to the Magic. Window to the Magic just celebrated their two year anniversary. Every (most) Sunday nights they put out a new show and invite you to use your ears to surround yourself with the magic. Although Paul starts all of his shows introducing himself and saying, "as always I will be your guide through the wonderful world of Disney sound experiences," once a month Patrick Hurd hosts the show. Paul's son Calvin contributes a semi-regular segment called the Distest, and his girlfriend Tairy has hosted a show or two as well.

Three weeks a month Paul takes his listeners on a voyage through ambient sound in the Disney Parks. His "Where in the Park" games have always been a personal favorite. He will walk silently through the parks speaking again only when he reaches his final destination and you use your ears to track him. It is always fun to listen and even funner when you can tell which side of the Matterhorn he is walking on. On one show he spent the entire day on Main Street moving up and down the street listening to the Dapper Dans, the Corner Piano, Mickey climbing the Matterhorn, etc. It was great to hear all the various live music and events you can experience just from Main Street. Paul's shows are truly masterpieces of Disney Park sound.

One out of every four weeks Window to the Magic is hosted by Patrick Hurd. He uses his technical know-how and production skills to take you inside an attraction, parade, or show. He manages to find clips of the most obscure bits of Disney history. I remember visiting the Dick Tracy stage show at the Videopolis stage back in 1990. I only remember this now because of a show Patrick did a few months ago covering the 35th Anniversary of Disneyland that contained clips from the production. His ability to inject humor into his very detailed shows continually deliver the "best show ever."

Window to the Magic also offers a VidCast. Here Paul and friends combine their exceptional audio with the visuals to complete some very great shows. Mouseketeer Greg contributes to the VidCast with a series called "A Perfect Day at Disneyland." His countdown show is a must for anybody, like me, that has to travel to Disneyland. It takes you through everything he does to get ready for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

TJ is another regular contributer to the VidCast. Once a month he will send in a video update of the parks. He documents the parks so that fans that aren't able to make it to Disneyland regularly are able to see holiday decorations and changes to attractions. TJ's show on Pirates Lair at Tom Sawyer Island was probably the best I saw documenting the changes to the Island.

Paul also contributes to the VidCast with videos of everything from special events and parades to previews of upcoming DVD releases from the Window to the Magic Store. More recently fans of the show have been sending in their own videos for the VidCast and it just goes to show you what talented people there are in the WTTM world.

This is the first podcast that I listened to and it has been my favorite from day one. They don't trade in rumors or news. They focus on what they do best and deliver quality every time. I would highly recommend this podcast for any Disney fan. While they do focus on the Disneyland Resort they do bring in audio from Walt Disney World whenever possible making this one of the most well rounded Disney podcasts available. Every Sunday night I look forward to the new show.

For more information on the Window to the Magic Podcast you can visit their website below.

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