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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Weekend Plans

Today I am noticing the excitement that comes with a looming trip to Disneyland. We are leaving on Thursday and the first thing when I woke up I was making a list in my mind of everything that I need to get done before we leave. Laundry is done, DVD player is charged, camera is ready. Tonight we'll be getting together all of our toiletries and other miscellaneous junk and arranging them. Tomorrow we get out the suitcase and pack.

We are only going for a long weekend but it still has be excited. We will be taking our eight week old baby to Disneyland for the first time. He won't remember this but some day when he is jealous of something that his older brother got that he didn't I can tell him that he went to Disneyland for the first time at eight weeks old and his brother was eleven months old.

We will also be able to ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage for the first time. My son is very excited to see the seagulls. He has been telling us about them since I showed him a video in June. Every time that he has been to Disneyland he has only been able to see the construction wall. It will be nice to crawl down into the subs again.

I am undecided on just how big of a geek I will be this weekend. I love to collect and trade Disney pins. Friday night they are having a Pin Trading Night at the Paradise Pier hotel and Sunday morning they are releasing four limited edition pins and having the artists sign them. I know I will be getting one of the four pins. I just don't know if I will go to the pin trading night.

On Saturday we will be going to Angel Stadium to watch the Twins beat up on the Angels. I am very excited for this weekend. Could there possibly be a better way to spend a weekend in the summer than Disneyland and baseball?

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