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Friday, August 3, 2007

Suite Dreams, Disney Gallery

New Orleans Square is, in my opinion, the most detailed and richly themed land in all of the US parks. The meandering streets and hidden alcoves working with the amazing architecture are a sight to be seen. You have two of the greatest attractions in theme park history, great food, and a hidden club. With so much detail jammed into such a small space it is very easy to find something new every time you visit. All of this adds up to a very magical experience.

I am sad to say that New Orleans Square is soon to be losing one of the great treasures of the park. The Disney Gallery will be closing on August 7 for a refurbishment and rumored conversion to a suite that will be given as a daily prize in the Year of a Million Dreams promotion. When I was first visiting the Disney Gallery I didn't always want to go but when you got up there you could tell it was a special place. Some of my earliest memories of the Gallery were viewing a model for Discovery Bay. When I saw this and thought that some day this might be at Disneyland I was amazed. It was beautiful. The walls surrounding the model were covered in concept art that had my family calling each other across the room to see our newest "find."

In the years since the gallery has always had great exhibits, Disney art for sale, and played host to some very special events. For $60 you could get a dessert buffet and an incredible seat for Fantasmic! It will be missed by all those who have walked up the curved staircases.

At the same time I am mourning the loss of an old friend I am excited by the birth of a new experience. I personally will probably never get to visit the Dream Suite with the 1 in 50,000 odds. Someday, it may come to hold the same allure as Club 33 to me. I can't say right now. I can just walk under, look up, and wonder what it would be like to spend the night in Walt's apartment.


Drew said...

Great post,love the title! It is sad to see the Gallery go, if the rumors are true. Hopefully it's just a temporary change and when the hoopla of the "Year of a Million Dreams" is gone we'll get it back.

Beth said...

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